Testo Golden Blunders – Ringo Starr

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Testo della canzone Golden Blunders di Ringo Starr
Album: Time Takes Time
Golden blunders come in pairs, they’re very unaware
What they know is what they’ve seen
Education wasn’t fun, but now that school is done
Higher learning’s just begun

CHORUS: You’re gonna watch what you say for a long time
You’re gonna suffer the guilt forever
You’re gonna get in teh way at the wrong time
You’re gonna mess up things you thought you would never

Disappointment breeds comtempt, it makes you feel inept
Never thought you’d feel alone (at home)
His and hers forever more, throw your freedom out the door
Before you find out what it’s for


Four weeks seemed like a long time then — but nine months is longer now
But ever if you never speak again — you’ve [sung — you’ve already]
made the wedding vow


Honeymoons will never start, bonds will blow apart
Just as fast as they were made
Men and women please beware: don’t pretend you care
Nothing last when nothing’s there


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