Testo Gone Away – Blink-182

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Testo della canzone Gone Away dei Blink-182
now you are gone away,
you left me here,wondering what to say,
I lost you forever
now thats not clever,

youre gone away forgot bout me
its not me you see,
you broke my heart
i dont even know where to start

u never know how much you loved me till im gone
now u listen to this song
and what went wrong,

you say youre seeing someone
guess i wasnt the one,
i had some fun
but now your on the run
you are like the sun

big,fat and ugly,and gay
ya,you are not the way,
girl shut your mouth
cuz ur never coming to my house,

you made the mistake
you were the fake,
i now know its time
that you had to break the rhyme,

still think about you all the time
and thats fine,
weve split apart
now i hafta fart

this is really fu*@ed up
im gonna get u in the butt

im gonna get u in the butt

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