Testo Goodbye Cruel World – Elvis Costello

Di | 13 Ottobre 2005

Album: I Wanna Be Loved
Testo della canzone Goodbye Cruel World di Elvis Costello
Why must I be so lonely?
When so many people pass me by
I’ve been waiting for oh so long now
And yet I’m unable to answer why
I can’t be made to give up now
Can you find room for me
in your heart somehow?
I wanna be loved
I just wanna be loved

I guess I’m a victim of loneliness
But why should this be my destiny?
A foolish man for a lot of my life
Shouldn’t there be someone
Someone for me?
I hope and I pray some happy day
That I’ll be around to hear you say
I wanna be loved
I just wanna be loved
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