Testo Got To Be Certain – Kylie Minogue

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Testo della canzone Got To Be Certain di Kylie Minogue
Album: Kylie
1a:] You keep on asking me
Why can’t we be together
I keep saying won’t you wait a while
What’s all the hurry
I thought we had forever
I just need time ‘til I can make up my mind

[1b:] I’m not asking for
A love to last forever
I don’t expect to get a guarantee
It’s just that I believe
Lovers should stick together
I’m only saying
Won’t you wait for me

[CHORUS:] I’ve got to be
Got to be certain
I’ve got to be so sure
I’ve had my share of hearts broken
And I don’t wanna take that any more

[2a:] I’ve got some friends who say
Boys are all the same
They’re only looking out for just one thing
I’m only hoping that
You won’t turn out like that
I need some time ‘til I can make up my mind

[2b:] Been hurt in love before
But I still come back for more
I was such a fool
I couldn’t stop myself
If you believe in me
If you want our love to be
I know you’ll wait for me, oh, oh, oh, oh


[BRIDGE:] Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh


[CHORUS:] [repeat & fade

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