Testo Gumbo – Better (Live) – Phish

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Testo della canzone Gumbo – Better (Live) dei Phish
theres a mouse starin out of the window
his car is trapped in the snow
hes planning a family vacation
but he just cant go
around the next corner’s a red bird
trashed buy some gunslinging parrot
whos jealous he aint got no grin

there aint no time to stash the gumbo
or rattle around in a cage
the sacrificed child’s made bubbles
his spittle is everywhere in rage
in a hot sand, i ran on my feet,
they blistered and caked with debris
Cez Rolez’s guarding the tope board
while anngry piddles with glee

the fool writing [notes] on samdpaper
hes giving them all to himself
he sends them a couple days later
puts them along his top shelf
if people get tired of shavings
and carve up a good hunk of wood
remembering to check on the sausage
hes got cooking somewhere look good

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