Testo Hard Ride – Pantera

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Testo della canzone Hard Ride dei Pantera
You’re in the danger zone
You can’t be left alone
Your heart is
In this for the ride
But when it comes down to it
You spoke your mind and you blew it
I want you when i want
And still i hear you say

Hard ride with me
Its a matter of time before
You fall down on your knees
Hard ride stay free
Its a matter of time

‘fore its too late

The pressure’s building up
You feel you’ve had enough
So go now -away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’ll lay it on the table
You’re feelin’ so unstable
I want to love you
But you seem so far away !!!!!!


And i don’t even know your name
I just wanta throw you away !!!!!!!!!!

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