Testo Harrisburg – Midnight Oil

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Testo della canzone Harrisburg dei Midnight Oil
Album: Red Sails In The Sunset
The Empire rings
The umpire’s not laughing
The President’s resented
The ambassador’s a night club
You cannot get it out

It’s stuff you cannot taste or see
It’s stuff you cannot smell
It’s stuff that’s twenty times as hot
As the hottest stuff in hell

Harrisburg oh Harrisburg
The plant is melting down
The people out in Harrisburg
Are gettng out of town
And when this stuff gets in
You cannot get it out

The company said it would not blow
The government said it might
Harrisburg oh Harrisburg I wonder who is right

Who can leave it behind, the curtains are drawn
There’s something I must say to you
You cannot get it out

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