Testo Have It All – Pat Benatar

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Testo della canzone Have It All di Pat Benatar
You think that youre the second coming
Sorry to say it doesnt do it for me
Must be a drag when youre so stunning
In all that you are
And all that you hope to be


You can have it all, take it all
Break it all, forsake it all
Want it all, choose it all
Use it with no stake at all
Keep it all, trash it all
Lead it just like sheep it all
Hate it all, love it all, and still
Youll have nothing
Yeh, yeh

You think that you can walk on water
Better be careful, it gets mighty deep
Id be afraid of what my thoughts were
You never know whod be willing
To take that leap


When you look in the mirror
Do you see any clearer
Or are you blinded
By your own vision
Or have you ever thought
That maybe you were wrong
Or do you just reside
In your illusion

[Chorus 2x]

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