Testo Hear On The Wind – Deacon Blue

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Testo della canzone Hear On The Wind dei Deacon Blue
Album: Miscellaneous
The garden of eden
The ancient of days
The wild dreams that wake us
The life before death
The mocking red sun
The night that will come

In my darkness and solitude
Everything will come and i’ll know it’s true
I’ll hear on the wind
I’ll hear on the wind

I’ll listen in silence
For the things to believe in
For the blue black night cat
And his prey that’s a hiding
For the new born baby
Who’s life will be struggle

In my life i’ve tried to keep
The turning world from touching me
But i hear on the wind
I hear on the wind

I hear on the wind such terrible things
About the earth that is savaged and scalded and changed
And where the splinter moon shines on the darkening sea
Where the southern sailors sail to be free
And i never did see i only believe
What i hear on the wind i hear on the wind

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