Testo Heart Attack At 23 – Tori Amos

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Testo della canzone Heart Attack At 23 di Tori Amos
Album: Y Kant Tori Read
Words And Music By: Tori

Sirens Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up
With A Cry
Things We Do
For Attention…
Just A Little
Reminder Dear
I Am Still Alive

So Confused
I Almost Threw
It All Away
For You
You Took Me Higher
And You Dropped
Me Lower
Than I’ve Ever Been

If I Have A Heart Attack
At 23
I’m Loving You Too Much
If I Have A Heart Attack
At 23
Wave Bye-Bye
You’ll Miss Me
You’ll Miss Me Baby
If I Have a Heart Attack
At 23

All My Friends
We Waste So
Much Love
On Our Men
Why Can’t I
Be Forgiving
While He Been Out
With His Argentine Baby


I Must Be Dreaming
We Were Together
In A
Land Of Scarlet Ribbon
That Tied You To Me Darlin’

Roll Roll Roll Roll On
But You Know I’m Never
With All The Good Things
In My Life
I Thought I Needed You
To Be Strong
I’ll Still Miss You
When I’m Gone



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