Testo Heartache (1968 Version) – Roy Orbison

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Testo della canzone Heartache (1968 Version) di Roy Orbison
Album: Miscellaneous
Tonight at midnight you came by
I Shook my head, tried not to cry
Halfway weeping, halfway sleeping
Tossing, turning, trembling, burning
Here it comes, heartache

You wore your hair down
I love it that way
You reached out and touched me
And then you faded away

It’s unreal, the way I feel
It’s almost dawn and you are gone
Here it comes, heartache

Heartache of heartache
Deeper than blue
Teardrop on teardrop
I’m still in love with you

What a way to start a day
here it comes, heartache over you
Heartache for you
Everytime you walk through my mind
I get that old heartache

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