Testo Heaven And Earth – Kylie Minogue

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Testo della canzone Heaven And Earth di Kylie Minogue
Album: Enjoy Yourself
1:] I don’t really wanna be the one
To tell you time is running out
Because it’s obvious
Just a move with the right intention
Is all that it takes

I don’t really need to be the one
To tell you things are going wrong
Because it’s obvious
But a step in the right direction
Is all that you need

[CHORUS:] You don’t have to move heaven and earth
You don’t have to change overnight
There’s never been a better time
To make up your mind
And put this thing right

[2:] I don’t mean to say that we were wrong
But we know we need some new attention
But just look with a new dimension
Is all that it takes


[3:] Everybody knows where they can make
A change or two
To help the situation
Just a step with a good intention
Is all that it takes

[CHORUS:] [x2

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