Testo Held Down – De La Soul

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Testo della canzone Held Down dei De La Soul
feat. Cee-Lo
Allow me.. to break it down.. ah yea yea yea yea yeahh..
Life.. {*humming*}

This is dedicated to all my folks
Diagnosed with a bad case of that proper upbringin
And never took the time to fall in line or follow
or swallow the thoughts
Of the recognized committees who lurk throughout ya cities
Ya hood, ya town, no matter which type
You from the same type of people try to hold you down
Just because you tailor made for bigger and better things
Never missed a chance to move ahead of things
And what does it bring? I tell you for me
it brought jealousy in backrooms from all the stabbin
Cats posin as my fan just to get grabbin what’s mine
I’m livin in times where my daughters are found around
kids who can’t afford thinkin caps
But always found drinkin raps and eatin off beats
Claimin laws of the streets – but who made the laws?
Everybody playin Rebel with no sign of a Cause

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Well I, feel the world around me
I’ve found, that others, will bring you down, just to be down
You’ve got to make up your mind, where you wanna be
Where you wanna go with your life
With your life..

Yo, I’m never singin the blues but findin the clues to maintain
And I been blessed to reign supreme over nearly every dream
I had, and I made it come true
I’m an imperfect man and I’m holdin the clue
to perfection, it doesn’t seem to matter what direction I look
I find people settin traps
Tryin to find the goal – without havin any maps
Even friends of mine, jumped on line, just to become my adversary
They felt they were entitled to the dairy I made
They don’t come to chill or behave

And they got, toast ready to burn-aca

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