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Testo della canzone Here Comes A Miracle di Ray Boltz
Here Comes A Miracle

Words and Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

They followed Him on dusty roads
Wherever He would lead
Multitudes would gather
As He healed each disease
With eyes of wonder they would watch
As He would stop to pray
And when He spoke the word of faith
You could hear them say

Here comes a miracle
Here comes a miracle
Can’t you feel it in the air?
That look is on His face
His glory is in this place
And I know a miracle is near

The lame could walk
The deaf could hear
Blinded eyes could see
And those who had been
Bound for years
Were suddenly set free
They came in desperation
The hurting and the poor
But when they saw Him
Through the crowd
They knew what was in store


And still today we follow Him
We claim His Word is true
And nothing is impossible
What He says He will do
And though this world may doubt us
And though they laugh and stare
Someday all men will see the Truth
When we see Him in the air


Here comes a miracle

1988 Shepherd Boy MusicASCAP and SonWorshippersASCAP.

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