Testo Hey Nonny Nonny – Violent Femmes

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Testo della canzone Hey Nonny Nonny dei Violent Femmes
Album: Why Do Birds Sing?
Beauty sat bathing by a spring
Where fairest shades did hide her
The winds blew calm the birds did sing
The cool streams ran beside her

My wanton thoughts enticed mine eye
To see what was forbidden
But better memory said fie
So vain desire was chidden

Hey nonny nonny
Oh hey nonny nonny
Hey nonny nonny
Oh hey nonny nonnie

Into a slumber then I fell
When fond imagination
Seemed to see but could not tell
Her feature or her fashion

But e’vn as babes in dreams do smile
And sometimes fall a weeping
So I awaked as wise this while
As when I fell a-sleeping

Say man are you down for doing
Something positive in the community?
No I don’t think I’ll ever do that again
Well ain’t you worried about doing the right thing?
Well I don’t care if I

Hey nonny nonny nonny
Ho nonny nonny nonny

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