Testo High Speed Dirt – Megadeth

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Testo della canzone High Speed Dirt dei Megadeth
Album: Countdown To Extinction
Dave Mustaine/David Ellefson)

Do it if you dare
Leaping from the sky
Hurling thruough the air
Exhilirating high
See the earth below
Soon to make a crater
Blue sky, black death
I’m off to meet my maker

Energy of the gods, adrenalin surge
Won’t stop till I hit the ground, I’m on my way for sure
Up here in the air, this will never hurt
I’m on my way to impact, taste the high speed dirt

Paralyzed with fear
Feel velocity gain
Entering a near
Catatonic state
Pressure of the sound
Roaring through my head
Crash into the ground
Damned if I’ll be dead


Jump or die!

Dropping all my weight
Going down full throttle
The pale horse awaits
Like a genie in a bottle
Fire in my veins
Faster as I go
I forgot my name
I’m a dirt torpedo

High speed dirt

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