Testo High Water – Rush

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Testo della canzone High Water dei Rush
Album: Hold Your Fire
When the waters rose in the darkness
In the wake of the endless flood
It flowed into our memory — it flowed into our blood

When something broke the surface
Just to see the starry dome —
We still feel that relation
When the water takes us home
In the flying spray of the ocean
The water takes you home —

Springing from the weight of the mountains
Like the heart of the earth would burst
Flowing out from marble fountains
In the dreams of a desert thirst

Something swam through the jungles
Where the mighty rivers roam —
Something breaks the silence
When the water takes you home
I hear the wordless voices
When the water takes me home —

Waves that crash on the shoreline
Torrents of tropical rain streaming down
Beyond our memory
Streaming down inside our veins

When something left the ocean
To crawl high above the foam —
We still feel that elation
When the water takes us home
In a driving rain of redemption
The water takes me home

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