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Testo della canzone Holiday Romance dei Kinks
On the subway train he sees adverts
For holidays in jamaica, a weekend in
Rome, a cruise round the
Mediterranean, and dreams of a quiet
Week in a little seaside resort away
From his wife, the ducks on the wall,
The soap operas, the office and his
Friends – and who knows, he might
Encounter a holiday romance.

Holiday romance

I had a break for a week
So i booked my seat
And confirmed a reservation
At a quiet little seaside hotel.
I packed my bags
And i caught my train and
Reached my destination
Just in time for the dinner gong–ding dong.
Then i saw lavinia
Standing at the bottom of the stairs.
And i fell for lavinia
The moment that i saw her standing there.

Lavinia looked so divine
As she walked up to the table to dine
And then lavinia’s eyes met mine.

I thought can this be love,
Can this be lovey-dove
Or just a holiday romance?
Can this be long lost love at last
Or is it just a flash in the pan?

Then after cheese and liqueurs they struck up the band,
I plucked up my courage and i asked lavinia to dance
That was the start of my holiday romance.
Just a holiday romance.

We did the foxtrot, samba and danced through the night
The last waltz came and we held each other so tight.
That was the start of my holiday romance.

Just a holiday romance
A simple holiday romance.
I wonder should i take a chance?

We walked on the beach,
And we paddled our feet,
And we watched all the swimmers,
And my holiday treat felt complete.
We drank lemonade,
And we sat in the shade,
I thought i must be on a winner
And i acted cool and discreet.
For i knew that lavinia
Was the shyest lady that

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