Testo Home Truth – Elvis Costello

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Album: Goodbye Cruel World
Testo della canzone Home Truth di Elvis Costello
I hung up the phone tonight
Just as you said I love you
Once this would have been co-incidence
Now these things start to bother me
You still close your eyes when I kiss you
And I close mine too
But we didn’t open them again
Quite as wide as we should

This is where the home truth ends

Does your touch feel the same as it should do
Or is it someone quite similar
Who killed me with kindness last night
Now do I look at all familiar?
But none of these things seem to matter
Since we’ve grown apart
I’d put back the pieces of what’s shattered
But I don’t know where to start

This is where the home truth ends

This is where the home truth ends
And I feel like a clown
It’s tearing me up
It’s tearing me down

You say which are the lies that you tell me
Well where do I begin?
So I turn on the TV again
And the world comes crashing in
Is it my shirt or my toothpaste
That is whiter than white?
Is it the lies that I tell you
Or the lies that I might?

This is where the home truth ends

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