Testo HOMEBOYZ – 2pac

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Testo della canzone HOMEBOYZ di 2pac
Oh shit, caught that nigga alone
Ain`t that a bitch
Hey, uh, this one here is, uhh
for them niggaz that be Johnny Dangerous when they be fuckin fifty deep
But they be fuckin cowards when they by theyselves
You know who I`m talkin about
(You know who I`m talkin about) that`s right
You ain`t shit without your homeboys
You ain`t shit without your homeboys
You ain`t shit without your homeboys

Now everytime I see you cats is rollin in packs
For the life of me I cannot see why you don`t know how to act
Love to clown when you deep, but when you on that solo creep
out on the streets you don`t hear a peep
Nigga it`s a god damn shame, somebody explain
why they sent a Bad Boy to play a grown man`s game
Tear that ass out the frame, completely get that ass kicked
Woke up on the street but you`ll be sleepin in the casket
How long will it last, nigga don`t ask, just be first to blast
Outlaw on the mash tryin to be the first to see some cash
My shit`s classic, like my nigga Nate
Go get the tape, we keep the nation anticipatin until we break
Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed
Niggaz aimin at my head but I still wear my vest
I don`t give a fuck motherfuckers I`m loc
They all duckin when my gun smoke
cause you ain`t shit without your homeboys
You probably run at the sound of funk
I give a fuck, you niggaz is punks
Without your homeboys, you be the first to reach in your trunk
You scary niggaz is punks, you ain`t shit without your homeboys
Nigga, punk ass motherfucker
You ain`t shit without your homeboys
Throw your hands up you little trick, coward motherfucker

[Young Noble]
Like Yak said, how the fuck you gonna shoot me rocks
When you got the Outlaw `Pac shittin ya box
You w

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