Testo How Many Wanna (Clean Version) – JA RULE

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Testo della canzone How Many Wanna (Clean Version) di JA RULE
Yo, yo, uh
Ja Rule, heh, Murder Inc.
Come on, come on
Yo. yo

[1] – I’mma ride to the end of the road baby
This life will drive me crazy
Be gettin’ right lately
On the real, will it overtake me?
Where all my gangsta’s at? (Yeah)
Where all my ladies at? (Ahhh)

Never gon’ see life without the Lord, they say
What’s a thug to do but kneel down and pray
Lord, forgive me
They’re lookin’ down on it
Sometimes I feel I need out of it
Spin me ‘round one time
Close my eyes, then sleep
Want some Ja, baby?
I deserve all this
World, get off of me
Playa skip that jive, what it sound like?
Mad playas gettin’ at Ja, don’t even sound right
Like, now you caught in that whiplash, ? open eyed
You’re all welcome, and you know you wanna live my life
May God help you
Am I possessed by my sacrifice?
Women and ice got me lovin’ evil paradise
You feel me?

[Repeat 1]

My life is caught up in that madness
But I do deal with it
If the blood’s your heart, live it
Baby, don’t die wit it
Have to judge my soul (uh)
Trippin’ outta control
Smashed up on the freeway
Gotta be ?, give me leave-way
Slidin’ back into low, murderers don’t fold
Any action need to be shown?
There we go, wrapped and sold
Always rap in front of my foes
I keep playas on they toes
Women know ?who get jacked doe?
Playas know to get that dough
We that heat, can’t be froze
We that burnin’ ? you ?
We them ones, destroyed your shows
We that platinum, not that gold
We them thugs, just too much
We them thugs you just can’t touch

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