Testo How Often – Babyface

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Testo della canzone How Often di Babyface
Album: Miscellaneous
Written by walter afanasieff, robin thicke, babyface (1999)
Performed by kevon edmonds

I bet i know your day
Bet you left for work ‘bout ten minutes late
You didn’t even wear the dress i bought
Didn’t eat at our favorite spot baby
You found a new place uum
So i’m sittin’ here at the same time
Pickin’ up the pieces you left behind
Oh now god know that i miss your face
Can’t help but wonder what it takes baby
To get back in your life girl

How often do you think of me
How often do i enter your mind girl
Is there ever a time
How often do you cry for me
I cry for you like all the time
And i wonder if i ever cross your mind

Your mind, your mind

Girl what we had was so strong
That’s why it lasted so long yeah
You couldn’t find yourself a better man
That’s why i just don’t understand dear
Why you’re not here girl


I’ve got to get back to you
The reasons are so clear
I know that i can’t live without you
Now that you’re not here
I’m savin’ everything i got
I’m holdin’ on to you
We were wrong to let things go
I need to know you still love me


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