Testo How Was I To Know – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone How Was I To Know di Reba McEntire
Album: What If It’s You
My world revolved around you
Every word was a promise I was hanging on
Swept up inside a whirlwind
I just couldn’t couldn’t see the end
‘Till you were gone
Oh, I thought I would fall apart
With shattered dreams and a broken heart
Scrambling in the dark

How was I to know
That I’d be okay
Thought I’d lose it all when you walked away
How was I to know
I would be this strong
I had what it takes all along
How was I to know

What I was so afraid of
Turned out to be my freedom in disguise
Now I know what I’m made of
Guess it just took some time to realize
Oh, I was blind, I couldn’t tell
Put too much faith in someone else
I gave up on myself

[Repeat Chorus

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