Testo I Beg Your Pardon Dear Old Broadway 28 Mar 1911 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone I Beg Your Pardon Dear Old Broadway 28 Mar 1911 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:]
Broadway, Broadway, I’ve a message from a friend across the foam
From someone who loves you dearly
Tho’ he’s miles away from home
Kind applause is not his cause
Because I know he loves you true
I’ll feel better when I read his letter
Here’s the words he wrote to you:

I beg your pardon, dear old Broadway
For list’ning to a foreign song
I thought I’d find a street with which you could compete
I only found that I was wrong
My hat’s aloft to you, old Broadway
You’re in a class alone today
And if I thought for a minute that the others were in it
Won’t you pardon me, Broadway?

[2nd verse:]
Broadway, I too said goodbye to all the sights across the sea
Joy! once more for soon I saw
The Statue of Old Liberty!
Hand in air, she greets you there
To drive away all care and pain
Joy smiles at you, while the great big statue
Seems to say, Never again

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