Testo I Love to Walk – Simpsons

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Testo della canzone I Love to Walk dei Simpsons
I like to walk down the avenue, bust a move with disco Stu
You shake me from my booty to me fro.
Yes I strut down the boulevard, burning off my excess lard.
I rarely feel the need to water down.
Top of the morning ladies!
Bite us.
I can walk from Springfield to Alaska.
Then hop out with the stars in Malibu.
Hey Homer, I’m actor Steve Buscemi.
The guy who get fed into the wood chipper in Vargo?
And when I hear You can’t walk to Tuckmanastan!
I say of course I can, screw you.
Hey, would you guys like tickets to the independent film awards?
Would we?!?
Oh I love to crabolate, standing still I really hate.
So let me please reinerate,
I love to…(gets hit by car)

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