Testo I Still Love You – Backstreet Boys

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Testo della canzone I Still Love You dei Backstreet Boys
Album: Miscellaneous
Backstreet Boys

I Still Love You
Why, why, how sould you do that to me
You out my love, to another love
Don’t seem that long enough
I can’t without you
Oh oh baby

No matter what happen
You can count on my love
I will stand by you forver
And I still love you
No matter what happen
I still love you, oh baby

Maybe you are betraitor
Maybe you are not
But how our love doesn’t fix
Why, why sould you do that to me
Our love once again will forever
And i will be with you


Our love once again forever (forever yeah)
How could you do that to me
Follow another love
No matter what you had done
I still love you, oh


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