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Testo della canzone I Want You di LL Cool J
Album: Miscellaneous
(Intro: LL Cool J)
Look girl, I’m not gonna sing
cause I just don’t do that

(LL Cool J)
I see you in between class when my mind does a task
One glimpse of your eyes and my heart beats fast
A mysterious fantasy, lovely young queen
You’re poll so subtle just like the magazine
Come and visit my sister she’s in the livin’ room
Eat doughnuts and milk, listen to a pop tune
Used to be my baby-sitter, I want you for my women
Without you girl, my life is bitter like a lemon
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
I day-dream of seeds girl when you pass by
I wonder what the future holds for you and I
I tell my friends favorite tales about me and you
My total devotion for you is true
See you get on the bus I trip as I get on
My body gets warm but my mind is torn
I admit you’re the queen of elegant
maybe I’m just another puppy love lucids
I will tell you straight up, not to load on a letter
Opportunity knocks, I feel I just better
dissapear out of sight, rejection is my fright
to me you’re like a drug-boy, easy red light
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
To weak or wreak I can’t speak I’m messin’ up in school
Just to hear your name girl, it’s makes me drool
As you sing Full Settle on the college choir
My temperature level grows much higher
Spent a night over my house with my sister and friends
I wish you wouldn’t treat me like I’m your cousin
Your high-school year book under my pillow
You walk by my window, I see your silhou-ette
Candle light is what I desire
But all I get to do is fix your flat tyre
when you ring my bell, perfume I smell
The aroma pierces through my heart-cell
I tell you that my sisiter isn’t here today
You go away but I wish you’d stay
Yes girl, I’m twistin’ around your finger
when you leave your perfume lingers
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
The clock tick-tocks as I lay in my bed
It’s visions of you circlin’ through my head
I sip lemon, Ice-T, read a magazine
Wish we were involved in a sneaky love scene
Saturday night it’s time to party y’all
But an unseen force has my back for the wall
all eyes hit the door, red dress shines loud
The moment has come, my fantasys’ here now
You sip Gin & Tonic with the double-hole straw
Finally I get the nerve to by you one more
The bar tender smirks, I whisper: he’s a jerk
I’m wearin’ leather pants and a thirty dollar shit
Often usin’ double mints, sit back, crack a smile
Tryin’ to act like y’all relaxed and not a child
See I’m sixteen and you’re in college
Love is sweet, then please give me the knowledge
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
See it’s easy to detect a line that’s been said
What you don’t know is your the women I’ve wanted to get
for years and now I’m here sweet dear
Cool in the snow under a polar bear
I light your cigarette with a Raphel lighter
Your dress seems like it’s gettin’ tighter and tighter
The ice cubes’ melt, the heat is felt
The cards’ on the table and my deal is dealt
I want you, I want you

(LL Cool J)
I had to subsequent my soul, cowardness kept a hold on me
And the key was analysed on my role as a man
To instigate romance not break down and cry
when you ask for a dance
Some fellas talk to her but she walks by
She can only say no, it’s not do or die
like Bedstock, it’s natures’ way
A sweet love story from LL Cool J
I want you, I want you

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