Testo I will always return ( Finale ) – Bryan Adams

Testo della canzone I will always return ( Finale ) di Bryan Adams
Album: Spirit the stallion of the Cimarron
I hear the wind , called my name ,
the sound that leads me home again ,
The sparks of the fire , a flame that still burns ,
To you i will always return…

I know the road is long , but where you are is home ,
where ever you stay , i’ll find the way ,
I’ll run like the river ,
I’ll follow the sun ,
I’ll fly like an eagle ,
to where i belong , I cant stand the distance ,
I cant dream alone , I cant wait to see you ,
Yes i am on my way home….

Now i know its true , my ever only its you ,
and in the eye of darkness , you light the pass through

You run like the river ,
You shine like the sun , Yeah ,
You fly like an eagle ,
Yeah you are the one , I see every sunset and with all
that i have learn…
its to you..i will always…always…return.

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