Testo Ice Cream Crazy – Olsen Twins

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Testo della canzone Ice Cream Crazy delle Olsen Twins
Album: Costume Party
Rootbeer floats, banana boats
Gelate and Sorbet are hard to resist
What if they didn’t exist?
For me it wouldn’t be easy ‘cause you see…

I’m ice cream crazy,
No ifs, ands, buts or maybes
Ice cream crazy,
‘Cause I’m an ice cream ice cream baby
We have colors of the rainbow
From all around the world
And anything you’d like to try
You can have it plain or swirled
With a pinch and a dash of this and that
On a cone it does a balancing act
And oh, ya know it’s bound to droop
Yumma Dum Dum it’s a triple scoop


Sometimes I just can’t decide
What flavor I should choose
So I close my eyes and one, two, three,
I know that I can’t lose
With a pinch and dash of this and that,
Till the cherry on top is an acrobat
Oh I get carried away
Yumma Dum Dum, just look at that sundae.

My darlin’ someday if you weigh more that you should
It’s ok
‘Cause I would make your sundae with no fat, low cal, sorbet

Chorus (2x)

Baby! Baby

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