Testo If Looks Could Kill – Beyonce Knowles

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Album: Unknown
Testo della canzone If Looks Could Kill di Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce’ – Sweetness flowing like a faucet
Body bangin’ up corset
Brothas wanna toss it
But they lost, cause my game made them forfeit
Slicker than a porpis and thicker than a horses
Carmen Brown got the whole town speechless
I’ll stick to my thesis, I’ll stick to my features
Brothas trying to hold, but thier game never reaches
Most of these cats are like the middle of peaches

I see you looking at, but what you looking at?
You wanna bomb, wanna twist me like a bottle cap

Mos Def – I’m trying to holla Miss, to see if you gonna holla back

Beyonce’ – Your game is whack, I know you really need your quarter back
See this is Carmen, curves like a cul-de-sac
skin coffee and cream, your donuts, you ain’t talking that

Mos Def – But this is Miller, Lieutenant, if you’re wondering

Sarpong – And I’m the thag

Mos Def – Mel Gibson

Sarpong – Danny Gloverin’

Beyonce’ – But I’m not hearing you, you might as well be mumbling
See, I have dreams with a man, what will become of him?
There’s not a git out here who can make me believe
I should post pone my goals, he got tricks up his sleeve?
Whole bar full of cuffs and you ain’t locking me down

Mos Def – I got a warrant for ya heart and a battle and trial

Sarpong – Get a pardon if you come with the Sergeant, now

Beyonce’ – Give me a chair, cause I don’t care, I ain’t feeling your style


Mos Def – Yo, I’m trying to get with you shorty

Beyonce’ – But I’m not feeling you

Sarpong – But I’m an officer shorty

Beyonce’ – My looks are killing you

Mos Def – Murder One will get you under the covers

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