Testo If Walls Could Talk – Celine Dion

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Testo della canzone If Walls Could Talk di Celine Dion
Album: Miscellaneous
Can you keep a secret?

These walls keep a secret
That only we know
But how long can they keep it?
‘cause we’re two lovers, we lose control

We’re two shadows
Chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind closed doors

If walls could talk
Oooh… they would say i want you more
They would say
Hey…ever felt like this before?
That you’ll always be the one for me

If walls had eyes
Mine…they would see the love in sight
They would see
Me…in your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they’d know i love you so

Two people making memories
Just too good to tell
These songs are never ending (?)
When we’re lying where we fell

A bed in pictures (?)
Making magic
Taking chances
Making love


When i’m feeling weak
You give me wings
When the fire has no heat
You light it up again
When i hear no violins
You play my every string
Stop the press
Hold the news
The secret is safe between me and you
Can you keep a secret?

Repeat chorus


I love you so
Ooooh i love you baby
Ooooh baby
Love you love you love you so honey
Love you love you love you so
In your arms in ecstasy
If they could only see you and me baby
Just you and me baby
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