Testo If You Cut Every Corner – Simpsons

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Testo della canzone If You Cut Every Corner dei Simpsons
Shary bobbins :
if theres a task that must be done
dont turn your tail and run
dont pout ! dont sob!
just do a half assed job!
if you cut every corner then its really not so bad
everybody does it
even mom and dad
if nobody sees it then
nobody gets mad

bart : its the american way

shary bobbins : the policeman on the beat
needs some time 2 rest his feet

chief wiggum : fighting crime is not my cup of tea

shary bobbins :and the clerk who runs the store
can charge a little more………
for meat

apu (echoes) for meat
shary bobbins : and milk
apu (echoes) and milk

shary bobbins and apu : from 1984

shary bobbins and the simpsons : its the american way

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