Testo In Your Song – Moody blues

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Testo della canzone In Your Song dei Moody blues
If you find you can’t sleep at night
And you pace up and down in your room,
And your mind is just full up with words
You’ll be writing your own songs soon.
So let the music just turn you around
When you can’t seem to utter a sound
But don’t worry my friend that’s alright,
You’ll be doing the same tonight

For we’ve got the music for your soul;
We’ve got the rhythm to the roll;
We hope the melody lingers
In your mind;
We’ve got the chance to speak the truth;
So put your hopes your wishes and dreams
In a song;
In your song;
In your song.

Laughter, heartaches, tears and sorrow,
Joy of living, peace and trust for the heart,
Time is space with all things borrowed,
Live your life and learn to love.
That’s a start
In your song;
In your song;
In your song.

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