Testo Innocent Bessie Brown 5 Oct 1910 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Innocent Bessie Brown 5 Oct 1910 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:]
Innocent Bessie landed in the city
From Kankakee the sights to see
Fellows looked at her saying what a pity
She’s from the farm meaning no harm
Ev’ry maiden, ev’ry gent
When discussing she
Said she must be innocent
‘Cause she came from Kankakee

Innocent Bessie Brown
Wanted to see the town
Met upon the Avenue one afternoon fair
A fellow who said, ‘Aven’t you an hour to spare?
So pretty
Innocent Bessie Brown
Went for an hour in town
And when the day was breaking they were still partaking
Of some fizzes of gin that fizzed within
Innocent Bessie Brown

[2nd verse:]
Bessie was stopping with her second cousin
Who was a beaut, cunning and cute
Fellows would call upon her by the dozen
Innocent Bess never could guess
Where her cousin got such toys
Diamonds more or less
‘Twasn’t long before the boys
Made a jew’lry store out of Bess

[2nd chorus:]
Innocent Bessie Brown
Dressed in a country gown
Bessie Brown was lonesome for a diamond or two
But since she met the city she could loan some to you
And she was
Innocent Bessie Brown
Lived in a country town
When Missus Morgan chubby, missed her darling hubby
She began talking war while hunting for
Innocent Bessie Brown

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