Testo Insatiable – Prince

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Testo della canzone Insatiable di Prince
Album: Diamonds And Pearls
Ooh, oooh, my, my, yeah U ooh…

Turn the lights off, strike a candle
No one that I’ve ever, knows how 2 handle
My body, the way U truly do
Insatiable’s my name when it comes 2 U

I got a jones, Martha
Oh yeah, it be like this
I can’t have a hug unless I have a kiss, ooh (I can’t have a hug unless…)
My body, baby, U truly do
Insatiable’s my name when it comes 2 U

Like a wildcat, Martha, in a celibate rage
I want U alone in my dirty little cage
Can U understand, Martha?
Ooh, my body baby, U truly do
Insatiable’s my name when it comes 2 U

2night we video
No one will ever know
We’ll erase the naughty bits
I’ll show my… if U show your…

I can’t help it, Martha
(She’s insatiable) (Insatiable) {repeated}
I can’t help what U do 2 me (Ooh)
U are my every fantasy

There’s no tellin’ how far I’d go
Cuz when it comes 2 U, I know
I’m insatiable and I just can’t stop
Even if I wasn’t thirsty, I would drink every drop

Please baby, don’t say no
Cuz I’ll surely go – crazy

Okay, so all U do is push the little red button
And I belong 2 U in your little video box
Nah, don’t look at the clock, yeah
It’s 2:45, we got all night
First, U gotta tell me what U want me 2 do
(My body, baby, U truly do)
Come on
(Insatiable’s my name when it comes 2 U)

(This is true)

So take it slow, baby and let’s unwind
Do U really want all my clothes off? (Yes)
What are U gonna do 2 prove it? (Ooh)
Aren’t U afraid we’re gonna be found out? (No)
Well, let’s get on with the show
Ooh, turn the lights down lower
Doesn’t my body look good in the shadows?
Ooh, baby knows what 2 do
Have U done this before? (I don’t know)
U say U want my hips up in the air (Yeah)
Oh no, I don’t care
Ooh, my body baby, U truly do
I know I could be nasty with U
Oh yeah!

Up and down
Just like a seesaw (Back and forth)
Back and forth (Listen)
Oh girl, I’m falling

I love U baby
I love U baby
U are mine
U’re nastier than I thought
It’s just 2:49

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