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Testo della canzone Intro di Jewel
Okay, I gotta think about it. I was really bummed when I wrote this.
Because its funny, when you grow up in a place like alaska its so
Beautiful and its really easy to have some faith, you know what i
Mean? and faith after all is what carries you through, like, the
Darkest of days. you just have to believe time will pass, somehow the
Tide will come back in and I wont feel so incredibly shitty tomorrow.
And its hard cause like people lose faith, you know, when youre
Surrounded by crime and murder and pollution everyday. but its really
What like makes everything okay. and I think if we could just be…
(jewel starts talking to an audience member)
Shut up Im talking. that was obnoxious girl. I was kidding. god, im
Insulting people. (laughter)
So anyway I just thought maybe if we could be surrounded in beauty
Wed become what we see. cause all were told in the news is how evil
We are and how racist we are and all these things.

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