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Testo della canzone It Wont Be Long di Ray Boltz
It Won’t Be Long

Words by Ray Boltz, Steve Millikan, and Greg Gilpin, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

When I got home from work last night
The news was just coming on
What a mess this world is in
Everything’s going wrong
But I won’t be discouraged
I will not fear
There’s a voice inside my heart
And this is what I hear

It won’t be long till we see Jesus
It won’t be long till He’ll be here
I’m gonna follow Him all the way
I’m gonna watch for Him every day
With all that’s going on
It won’t be long

When I get up and start each day
I turn it over to Him
Oh you know I want to serve the Lord
In any way that I can
There’s a world of people
Everywhere I go
They’re lost and lonely
Bound and afraid
Oh and they need to know


Jesus said before summer comes
The leaves start turning green
And He said before he returns
We’d see lots of things
Keep your eyes on the heavens
And don’t you be surprised
When a trumpet sounds
And we leave the ground
And meet Him in the skies

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