Testo Izzy Izzy Ahh – Missy Elliott

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Testo della canzone Izzy Izzy Ahh di Missy Elliott
Album: Supa Dupa Fly
Verse One:
I pulls up in my strech I let my homegirls flex my 9 8
close and closer they follow in my Limo playin’ cd’s
of when I used to HeeeHee totally in my ass cheecks
they sweat these beets for any kinda jeeps you know how
I is so freakin’ hot that I siz Geewiz get my clothes taylored
like I’m Liz Miz I’m commin’ for your ass in a min seconds or hours
Everything I do seem to bloom like flowers I cruse these beets like
drivin’ Eddie Bauer,some of ya’ll mc’s mad I got the power,I hit you
with the Pllllll pmm uhh,take that,niggaz wanna step well um UHH take
that,what mmm uh uh take that,yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Izzy Izzy ahh zizah zizah zizah
hard bitches be talkin’ like they all rah rah
Blizzy Blizzy blahzah blahzah blahzay
none of y’all fools ain’t got shit on me
Verse two:
M-A to the G double O my man Moe, smooth like Joe
Timberland where you get the doe
I’ma get my niggaz
niggaz go and get ya hoes
flows to come so natural
I’ma take a stroll role this high droll
I’ma take my ass to Pazzaz and Essoh
slow oh down diggy diggy doh
Bridge:(Missy singin’)
You never heard beets like this before
when me and Timberland walk throught the door
our style be tighter then before,
you like our steelo
(repeat 2x)
Chorus till end

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