Testo Jealous – Alanis Morissette

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Testo della canzone Jealous di Alanis Morissette
Album: Alanis
Music and Lyrics by Alanis, Leslie How, & Serge Cote

Make sure she’s alright
She just can’t wait to party
She’ll make it look so easy
Why won’t you listen to me

Jealousy – some girls have it rough oh baby
Loyalty – why is that so tough, the trust is gone

Jealous don’t you know your girl is jealous
She can’t help but be suspicious
Can’t you see, that girl is jealous
So better make it right

Cruelty – it’s easy for him to be
Fallacy – you’re out on a limb for him

Conspiracy Anxiety she just can’t wait to party
Strategy totally she’ll make it look so easy
Loyalty disagree why won’t you listen to me
Fantasy Novelty she will be free

Repeat Chorus

Jealous – it’s no fallacy
Jealous – she doesn’t trust you much
Suspicious – so baby can’t you see that girl
don’t trust you much make sure she’s alright

Repeat Chorus

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