Testo Julie – CHER

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Testo della canzone Julie di CHER
Cheap lips lie into hungry ears
Well backsliding Julie borned in the air
Riding away on the horses
That run through my life
You think I’m tough
Just watching your game
But Julie you’re messing
With a naked flame
I’m a dangerous rain
That wash all your lies away

Well I now know,
Julie you’re the shape of sin
But I can strut like Bowie,
When the line dance begins
So cool it Julie or I’m gonna do you in

Julie, Julie why do you taunt me
Julie, Julie you’re lying
Julie, Julie Why do you haunt me
Julie, oh Julie you lying b****

Well you think I’m just flying
With strings of a kite
But Julie I hope your knots are all tight
I’m flying higher
And I am the one holding the knife
He’s all that I got
And he’s all that I want
Well Julie for the last time
Enough is enough
Take it from me
You’ll meet no meaner woman, no

[Chorus x2]

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