Testo Just Like Forever – JACKSON BROWNE

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Testo della canzone Just Like Forever di JACKSON BROWNE
(Jackson Browne)
[Unreleased Jackson Browne song, sung in concert a few times]

It wasn’t me at your window, Baby.
It wasn’t me at your door.
It must have been some other fool
With his heart in his hand,
Coming back for more.

I was there when you closed your eyes.
But it wasn’t me when you came.
I just thought I heard you call my name.

You were there when I needed someone
With your warmth and your style.
I was back in the world again
And it was real for awhile.

I was ready for love to be coming,
But not for what love became,
And I thought I heard you call my name.

Call my name.
Now there was something only we knew together
Far too simple to explain.
Love smiled on us just like forever.

You’re always leaving town.
First you come around.
Then you can’t be found
It always brings me down.

There’s nothing wrong with my heart,

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