Testo Keep On Walking 14 Apr 1913 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone Keep On Walking 14 Apr 1913 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:]
Mother dear, said Carrie
I’d like to take a walk
Through the park with Johnny
And have a little talk
Give me your permission
Now don’t you answer, No
Carrie’s mother answered
My daughter, you may go
Go ahead and have your little talk
But the minute you and Johnny start to walk

Keep on walking, walking, walking
Keep on walking, dear
You may stroll through the park
With your beau after dark
But whatever you do, my daughter, don’t get tired
Keep on walking, walking, walking
When you start from here
Walking through the park at ten
With your beau is lovely when
You keep on walking, dear

[2nd verse:]
Carrie started walking
With Johnny by her side
After they’d been walking
An hour, Johnny cried
Carrie, dear, I’m tired
Now what could Carrie do
Just to change the subject
She said, I’m tired too
There’s a tree, he said, With no one nigh
But a couple ‘neath the tree began to cry

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