Testo Keep Pimpin – E-40

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Testo della canzone Keep Pimpin di E-40
Ay 40 mayne
I seen one of yo’ hoes last night mayne, she was just uhh.. (mm-hmm)
she was tryin to give that ass away for free mayne!
Whatchu gon’ do? (Aight, I’ma tell you like this)

It’s like dis
Just point out the target and I’ll bet some cash I can’t miss
This nigga done started cause I got some ass from his bitch
More broken than hearted, fool on the HILL over this
but I’m just as retarded, I act a FOOL UP IN THIS BITCH
The reason why she departed, cause she was tired of gettin dissed
Dotted and darted all in her eyes like this
But that ain’t my business, I keep my game universal
and leave that ol’ (??) around shit up to them squares like Urkel
It’s too many lobsters up in the ocean, big pimps
but not enough mobsters breakin them in, big pimps
Tellin 40 done taught us how to beginnnnnn
Pull a bitch off the streets and real her innnnnnn
to my sable, but e’rybody ain’t able
Now she’s a call girl, dancin on the table
Sound like somethin Icerberg Slim woulda said (tell me)
The bigger the pimp (the bigger) the longer the bread (the longer)

Chorus: Eboni Foster, (E-40)

Keep pimpin (40-Water) keep pimpin..
Keep pimpin, keep pimpin (the bigger the pimp, the longer the bread)
Keep pimpin (40-Water) keep pimpin (yes your honor)
Keep pimpin, keep pimpin (the bigger the pimp, the longer the bread)

She looked at her reflection in the mirror (in the mirror)
Told herself,

[Eboni Foster]
From this day here ain’t NAR a nigga pumpin fear
Took all I can, but I can’t take no mo’, enough
Yesternight I got my ass slapped up kinda tough
Got me lookin like a rainbow (a rainbow)
Black eyes, aches and pains, bruises purple

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