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Testo della canzone Kick It In dei Simple Minds
Album: Miscellaneous
Kick It In By Simple Minds.

Love gives me poetry
Stays up all night
And puts a curse on me
Oh anything you want
Turn around and I’ll take you there
I know it’s going to be
Take your shackles off of me
The city’s gone, I’m over there

Kick it in, kick it in
Build it up and build it down again
Kick it in, kick it in
Burn down to the ground
Kick it in, kick it in

Tell me about this place you’ve been
I don’t want it
There’s a fever going around
Take a walk down town
See what’s going on
If you want to find a hiddern key
There’s nothing here on me
Any city, anywhere, any colour
I don’t care, you belong to me
And that’s the way it’s going to be

Kick it in, kick it in
Well kick it in, kick it in
Raise it up and let it live again
Fell your body shake and take off
You can lie, keep it in
Keep me down here wandering
What’s going to be
Come on in, I like the shape you’re in
You keep me wandering, wandering, wandering

Eyes upon you black and brown
Spread your love all over town
Give me fire, body heat
Say hello to me
I want to go anywhere
Any city I don’t care
Don’t believe in all you see
And don’t get caught

Kick it in, Kick it in
Tell me about this love you’ve been
Kick it in, Kick it in
Turn this life around
Kick it in, Kick it in
Shake the ghosts from deep within
Close the door down
Don’t let the demons in

I only want to be your friend
Put your hand in my hand
And take off with me

Listen baby, I’m going home
I’ma going home
Come on walk with me

Cause I know what I see
Kick it in
Kick it in, Kick it in
Tell me about the place you’re in
I’ve got a new gold dream
I’m moving on, I’m moving on
You’re moving on, You’re moving on
You’re moving on
Kick it in, Kick it in
I’m moving on

>From the L.P. Street Fighting Years .

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