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Testo della canzone Kidnap The Sandy Claws della Disney
Kidnap Mister Sandy Claws?
I wanna do it
Lets draw straws!
Jack said we should work together
Three of a kind
Birds of a feather
Now and forever!

La la la..

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Lock him up real tight!
Throw away the key and then
Turn off all the lights

First were going to set some bait
Inside a nasty trap and wait
When he comes a-sniffing
We will snap the trap and close the gate

Wait I got a better plan
To catch this big red lobster man
Lets pop him in a boiling pot
And when hes done,
Well butter him up!

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Throw him in a box
Bury him for 90 years
Then see if he talks

Then Mr. Oogie Boogie man
Can take the whole thing over then
Hell be so pleased I do declare
That he will cook him rare

I say that we take a cannon
Aim it at his door and then
Knock three times
And when he answers
Sandy Claws will be no more!

Youre so stupid!
Think now, if we blow him up to smithereens
We may lose some pieces
And then Jack will beat us black and green!

Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Tie him in a bag
Throw him in the ocean than
See if he is sad

Because Mr. Oogie Boogie is the meanest guy around
If I were on his boogie list
Id get out of town

Hell be so pleased by our success
That hell reward us too, Ill bet
Perhaps hell make a special brew
Of snake and spider stew!

Were his little henchmen and we take our job with pride
We do our best to please him, and stay on his good side

I wish my cohorts werent so dumb
Im not the dumb one,
Youre no fun!
Shut up!
Make me!

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