Testo Kids! Adults! Kids! – Simpsons

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Testo della canzone Kids! Adults! Kids! dei Simpsons
Kids! You had your fun and we had our fill.
Yeah your only here cause mom forgot her pills.
Kids! Your bunch of scandalizing, vandalizing punks,
Channel hopping, Ritalin popping monkeys! (just don’t quit the fan club)
Kids, I can nag and nag till my hair turns blue.
Kids! You bum my smokes and don’t say thank you.
Why can’t you be like we are? Oh what a bunch of brats!
We otta drown you just like cats.
Adults! you you run our lives like your Kernel Klink.
Adults!, you strut around like your farts don’t stink.
Adults!, your a bunch of drooling, snoring, boring bunch.
3 martini, lunchers!, (I just ate a thumb tack)
Adults, they’re always telling us what to do.
Shut your traps!
We’re fed up with all of you wiper snaps.
We’re trying to get some sleep here, it’s almost 6:15.
What’s the matter with…
Don’t you treat us like…
Can’t you just lay off…
We’re all sick of you..
Kids, to-day!

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