Testo King Of Fools – Dwight Yoakam

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Testo della canzone King Of Fools di Dwight Yoakam
Album: This Time
(dwight yoakam, kostas)

As you look into my eyes
And tell those empty lies
I’ll pretend they’re true
‘cause that’s what i do

As you sit and hold my hand
And smile at other men
I’ll pretend i’m blind
‘cause i’m just that kind

I’m the king of fools
And i’ll always reign
Over loneliness and pain
The king of fools wears his crown
Wherever misery can be found

As you walk away with him
And i lose at love again,
I’ll pretend to see
That you’re still with me
But i’ll be there all alone
Like a king upon a throne
‘cause i’m the king of fools
Yes, i’m the king of fools

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