Testo King Pin Dream – Mack 10

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Testo della canzone King Pin Dream di Mack 10
Gangsta? (haha!, what?)
Mikkey Finest (fa sho’)
Ah King Pin’s Dream
Mack 10, Inglewood
I’m nigga Mikkey
Chi-Town, Birdman [*Laughs*]
Listen, Whatcha got nigga?…

I got a trouble find bitches in the kitchen and they cooking it row
Realisting feams like stitches with the hooker in they chow
Fuck the law, man – I’m known for cooking it row
Til the cops just chill – I got something for y’all
I got a Bentley and the Hummer and they sittin on ‘em daters
I got a hot power lawyer with the million retater
Douth-South, Westside – man, I own my city
Got judges on my pay roll like they own the nigga
It’s a professional with my game, I ball with the best
Birdman, Down-South – Mack 10 out West
Fuck with my money, put to put the mack to yo’ chest
Want war? I take it there – or rather tattooed to there
See them Cash Money niggas – how can I iced like ‘em
Cooking coke from the pill-up, it’s got a prices like ‘em
You know a nigga Whoopise – I got a wife like him
You heard a Micheal Jordan right! – I got a life like him
I’ma mothafuckin hustla – y’all know the game
Chi-Town Mikkey Flow – y’all know my name
Game is risky but a nigga rather died the fame
and live life – broken hungry out here, cracking for bread

[Mikkey (Chorus)] 2x
It’s a King Pin’s Dream – coke and feminines
Belley’s on triple beams, got scuffles with triple feams
So, busting out the scene – guns, scopes and beems
But the thing about it dream – it ain’t all watta seem

[Mack 10]
(yo, yo, yo)
When it comes to drugs – these reppers ain’t get none but fo’
Ohhh square ass nigga and full of brains are sold
I Know ‘em Feds is on heat but I d
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