Testo Kylies Smiley Mix (Extended) – Kylie Minogue

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Testo della canzone Kylies Smiley Mix (Extended) di Kylie Minogue
I’m seeing in your way
but I don’t believe it’s true
that I’m not the one to make you happy
It would be so wrong
for us to break in two
but do what you gotta do

I hope that you find someone
who can love you like I do
I’ll be strong inside
but I’ll still be loving you

It’s no secret (x4)

when I first meet you
how you changed my life that day
but with each tomorrow
you just seem to drift away

then I discovered
that you were cheating
you were cheating on me
but I was the last to know
ooh, ooh

our love was a life
and it’s no secret
it’s no secret
how you hurt me inside
and it’s no secret
because you told everybody

rain falling down
another minute passes by
I’ll wait for you
but this time I won’t cry
where are you now
are you with another love
It’s not the first time
you stood me up and let me down
I, I, I’m wondering why

I still love you
je ne sais pas pourquoi
I still want you
je ne sais pas pourquoi

did you believe I’d let you down
your jealous heart
gave you the runaround
you couldn’t see that
I would always be a friend
If you could look inside your heart
and understand what’s tearing you apart
you gotta trust someone
don’t let hate get in the way

just turn it into love
turn it into love
and open up your heart
and you’ll never feel ashamed
if you turn it, turn it
turn it into love

In my imagination
there is no complication
I dream about you all the time
in my mind of celebration –

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