Testo Lacquer Head – Primus

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Testo della canzone Lacquer Head di Primus
Album: Antipop
Sometimes bored sometimes lonely
pimple faced and rather homely
He wasn’t much for socializin’
The tv kept him mesmerizin’

In one ear and out the other
Picked up a trick from his older brother
Got him a can of sniffin’ salts
Pinned his mind upon the cross

Lacquer head knows but one desire
Lacquer head sets his skull on fire
Lacquer haed knows no in betweens
Huffin’ on bags of gasoline

Sniffin’ paint since the seventh grade
She was high on gin and gatorade
On turpintine she lost her luck
Fell in front of a speedin’ pick-up truck


He was a boy of soft demeanor
And he loved his caburetor cleaner
The vapor made a sweet aroma
He sniffed himself into a coma

Lacquer head feeds his one desire
Lacquer head sets his brain on fire
Lacquer head knows no inbetweens
Huffin’ on bags of gasoline

Keep on sniffin’ till yer brain goes pop

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